About Global Diversity Search – Our Story
Author Alfrid Maki

Global Diversity Search was established in 2001 after a chance meeting between Alfred Maki and Rachel Taylor. The two advisers, both global financial experts in their own right, found themselves discussing the plight of average investors at a global symposium in London. Their topic of conversation is one that so many investors are familiar with: working extremely hard to earn and then, due to unwise decisions and a lack of practical information, losing it all.

Maki and Taylor came to the realisation that average investors need a lot more information and practical advice than they were being offered at the turn of the 21st century. Furthermore, investors need information and advice presented in comprehensible terms. Their single conversation grew into the follow-up conversations that ultimately led to the establishment of Global Diversity Search. At the heart of the discussions and eventual business plan was the desire to provide average investors thoughtful research and practical help.

Global Diversity Search is committed to making the complex nature of investing easy to understand for the average investor. Both Alfred and Rachel understand the risks involved with investing, and they are committed to mitigating losses for investors of all classes by making sure they understand exactly what they are doing before making any decisions. Alfred and Rachel ultimately want to hear a lot more investment success stories and far fewer failures. They believe every investor deserves the opportunity to enjoy every pound they have worked so hard to earn.

About Us
Alfred Maki Founding Partner, Investment Strategist Alfred is a global investment specialist with more than 20 years’ experience. Having started his career as a trader, Alfred has spent years learning the intricacies of the various markets including stocks, bonds, commodities, consumer financial products, property, and more.
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