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Growing Your Pension Income in a Downturn

You save all of your life in a fairly modest occupational pension with the expectation that you will live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. You are comfortable for the first few years, but then you are faced with having to make lifestyle changes due to an economic downturn that is affecting the remainder of your pension pot balance. What do you do?[…]


Consider Setting up a Limited Company for Property

As you may know, former Chancellor George Osborne initiated a couple of changes in 2015 in an attempt to cool the buy-to-let market. Among those changes were decisions to increase stamp duty on all investment properties and reduce mortgage interest tax relief. If you are a buy-to-let investor willing to absorb some upfront costs, there is a way around at least the tax problem: set up a limited company.[…]


Investment Funds: Know Your Fees vs Performance

Wouldn't it be nice if investing was as simple as putting a few thousand pounds into an index fund and becoming a millionaire 20 years later? Well, it's not that easy. That's why there are professionals who make their living acting as advisers, fund managers, brokers, etc. The world of investing is a complex world that requires at least a basic understanding in order to be successful. A case in point is fund fees compared to fund performance.[…]

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Prepare Now for Changing Retirement Picture

Many young workers under the age of 30 spend freely without thinking of retirement which, being decades away, seems unimportant in the present. Even worse, there are 40- and 50-year-olds who also haven't started to think about retirement. Things need to change. What the Daily Mail website calls the 'golden age of retirement' is quickly drawing to a close. Those who are not prepared for the changing retirement picture will not fare well once they stop working.[…]

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