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Police Seek Charges against 7 Teens, Adults in Preston Lord Death

Queen Creek police have announced their intention to press criminal charges against seven individuals in connection with the beating death of 16-year-old Preston Lord. This development comes two months after Lord was attacked and left lying in the street during a Halloween party in an upscale Queen Creek neighborhood, eventually succumbing to his injuries two days later.

Investigation Continues

While charges have been submitted, the investigation into Lord's tragic death remains ongoing. Queen Creek Police Chief Randy Brice has encouraged the public to submit any new tips regarding the case. Those with information can submit tips at Brice emphasized that the focus of law enforcement continues to be getting justice for Preston Lord.

Goons' Reign of Terror

Parents, students, and activists believe that Preston Lord was targeted by a gang of affluent teenagers known as the "Gilbert Goons." The Arizona Republic's investigation into the Goons revealed that they recorded themselves carrying out random assaults in various locations, including mall parking lots, fast-food restaurants, parks, and house parties. These attacks were part of a pattern of violence that had been ongoing for over a year.

Heightened Awareness

Following The Republic's coverage of the Goons, southeast Valley police departments, including Queen Creek, have become more alert to similar cases of random assaults. The Maricopa County Attorney's Office, which has received the criminal referrals from Queen Creek police, will review the submissions and determine if charges are warranted. The office's chief of staff, Jeanine L'Ecuyer, has stated that their prosecutorial teams are actively monitoring for similar cases in the area.

March for Justice

In response to Lord's tragic death and demanding justice, community members organized a two-mile march in November under the banner of #Justice4Preston. The march aimed to commemorate the two-month anniversary of the attack and raise awareness about the Goons' other assaults. The community has grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of arrests in the case, and the grassroots movement hopes to bring attention to the issue.

The Investigation Continues

While the investigation into Preston Lord's death progresses, the Queen Creek Police Department remains committed to finding justice. They continue to ask for the public's assistance in providing any relevant information regarding the case. The safety of the community and the pursuit of justice for the murdered teen remain the top priorities for law enforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What charges are being sought in the Preston Lord case?
A: The Queen Creek police are seeking criminal charges against seven individuals in connection with the beating death of Preston Lord.

2. Q: What is the status of the investigation into Preston Lord's death?
A: The investigation is ongoing, and the Queen Creek Police Department encourages the public to come forward with any new information.

3. Q: Who are the "Gilbert Goons" and what is their connection to the case?
A: The "Gilbert Goons" are a gang of affluent teenagers believed to be responsible for a string of random assaults in the southeast Valley, including the beating death of Preston Lord.

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