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Opinion Article: Defending Police Officers in Assault Cases

Assault on a police officer is a serious crime that is harshly punished in Arizona. If you or someone you know has been charged with this crime, the consequences can be severe.

The Importance of Legal Representation

There is no such thing as a simple criminal charge, especially one as serious as assault on a police officer. It is crucial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a deep understanding of the legal system and can provide the best possible defense.

Assault charges are difficult enough on their own, but when the victim is a police officer, the situation becomes even more complicated. In these cases, the prosecutor will generally seek the maximum possible penalty, so a good defense attorney is essential.

Understanding Arizona Law

In Arizona, assault on a police officer is a felony offense. The exact penalty will depend on the circumstances of the case and the severity of the injuries sustained by the officer. The penalties can range from fines to several years in prison.

It is important to note that physical contact is not required for a person to be charged with assault on a police officer. A person can be charged with this offense for simply making a threat or attempting to use violence against the officer.

Defense Strategies

When facing an assault charge, there are several defense strategies that can be employed. A skilled criminal defense attorney will determine which strategy is best suited to the individual case, but some common strategies include:


A person may be justified in using force against a police officer if they believed that the officer was using unlawful force against them. This is known as self-defense. To successfully use this strategy, the defendant must be able to prove that their use of force was reasonable under the circumstances.

Falsely Accused

In some cases, a person may be falsely accused of assaulting a police officer. This can happen if the officer is mistaken or is lying about what occurred. An experienced defense attorney will be able to rigorously question the officer’s account of events to demonstrate inconsistencies or bias.

Mistaken Identity

In some cases, a person may be mistakenly identified as the assailant. This can happen if there are multiple people present at the scene of the crime, or if the victim is not able to clearly see the perpetrator. A defense attorney can help to build a case around mistaken identity.

Lack of Intent

Assault charges require that the defendant intended to harm the victim. If the defendant did not have the intent to cause harm, they may have a defense. For example, if a person accidentally brushed up against a police officer in a crowded area and the officer believed it was an intentional assault, the defendant may be able to use lack of intent as a defense.

Insufficient Evidence

Prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a conviction. If there is insufficient evidence to prove that the defendant committed the assault, the defendant may have a defense.

Alibi Defense

An alibi defense involves proving that the defendant was somewhere else at the time of the assault and could not have committed it. This requires corroborating evidence, such as surveillance videos or witness testimony.


If you or someone you know has been charged with assault on a police officer in Arizona, it is essential to seek out the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are many defenses available to those who have been charged with this crime, and a skilled attorney will be able to determine which of these strategies is most appropriate in your case.

Remember, assault on a police officer is a serious crime with severe consequences. Be sure to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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