Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Pros and Cons of Uncontested Divorces in Arizona


Divorce is never an easy process, but it can be made less painful and less expensive when handled properly. In Arizona, there are two types of divorce: uncontested and contested. The former can be much faster and simpler to navigate, but may not be the best choice for everyone. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of uncontested divorces in Arizona.

Pros of Uncontested Divorces

1. More Affordable

One of the biggest advantages of uncontested divorces is that they are much more affordable. Because there is no need for lengthy court battles or expensive negotiations, legal fees are often significantly reduced compared to contested divorces.

2. Quicker Process

As mentioned in the blog post, contested divorces can take a long time to resolve in Arizona. For couples who want to move on with their lives as soon as possible, an uncontested divorce can be a much quicker process. Since there is no need for a trial or extensive negotiation, the divorce can be resolved much more rapidly.

3. Less Stressful

Going through a divorce is naturally an emotionally difficult experience, but the process can be made much more stressful with a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce can be a less contentious experience, allowing both parties to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement without much conflict.

4. More Privacy

When a divorce goes to trial, details about the case become a part of the public record. In contrast, an uncontested divorce is a more private process since there is no need to attend court.

Cons of Uncontested Divorces

1. Not Suitable for All Couples

Uncontested divorces require both parties to work together and reach a compromise. This works well for couples who are able to communicate effectively and agree on major issues. However, if one or both parties is determined to fight their spouse over every detail, uncontested divorces may not be an option.

2. Limited Protection

While uncontested divorces can be faster and simpler, they also offer less protection to both parties. Because the process is less formal, there is a greater risk that important details will be overlooked or neglected.

3. Not Applicable to Complex Situations

Uncontested divorces work best for couples who have few, if any, assets to divide and no children or pets to consider. In contrast, couples with significant assets or complicated custody arrangements may find that the uncontested process is not applicable to their situation.


While uncontested divorces can be a good option for some couples in Arizona, they are not necessarily the right choice for everyone. Couples should consider their specific marital situation and goals before deciding whether to pursue an uncontested divorce. By weighing the pros and cons of uncontested divorces, couples can make the decision that is best for them. Uncontested,Contested-Uncontested Divorce vs Contested Divorce.